Let the Children Play for Peace Video

October 23, 2009

Born in Palestine, scientist Achmed El-Sharif and Born in Israel, artist Sam Nachum sponsor Kansas City walk to collect toys for the children rocketed in Gaza and Israel
Traumatized by war as children, Sam and Achmed came to America as adults, Achmed to study science; Sam to chisel portraits in stone.
Both men found their success in Kansas City, now, together, they plan to help the children of Gaza and Israel suffering from adults rocketing each other.
Their dream is to see the day when Arab and Jewish children play soccer together on the same team, even if this dream should seem impossible to adults on both sides of the conflict today. They believe it will happen, it must happen in the future to heal the wounds of decades of war.
Achmed Sharif and Sam Nachum experienced the 1967 war between Egypt and Israel as children.
Both lost their childhood homes during the conflict, changing their lives forever. They met by accident at a discussion on the recent rocket attacks between Gaza and Israel. They decided to help the children on both sides of this war. It’s time for the children to be allowed to be children, the two decided after discussing the rocketing.


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